About Us
Relax in our spacious solarium where residents can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment as well as our Sunday church services.

Hibbard Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center continues the tradition of unsurpassed quality in elderly care services since its inception in 1955. We have a friendly and skilled staff available at all times for our residents to provide them with the care and compassion that they need and deserve.

Here you still find twenty-four hour nursing care with periodic visits by the physician of the resident's choice.

Residents are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities offered through our activity department.

A diversified program of activities is conducted by our Certified Activities Director seven days a week. We welcome and encourage family involvement by visiting their loved ones in our spacious, relaxed solarium. It's our belief that experiences like these determine the quality of one's life.

Those residents who come to live with us permanently are encouraged to lead as active and independent a life as they are able. We never forget that to our residents, we are their new home and that a home should be filled with love, concern, compassion, security and above all, happiness.